Let's bring the Royal Mail back into public hands

Renationalise the Royal Mail!

The privatisation of Royal Mail has been a disaster.

In 2013 the government massively undersold the shares at a huge loss – on day one alone the share price jumped by 38% – costing the taxpayer £1bn. 

Incredibly, millions of shares were sold to the very banks that helped the government set the offer price.

Since the sell-off, we have seen a familiar story of privatisation:

  • Sorting offices are being closed around the country
  • 12,000 jobs have been cut 
  • Prices, which soared in the run-up to the sale, have continued to rise 
  • And of course, £700m has been paid out to private shareholders in just 4 years.

The Royal Mail remains a key part of our national infrastructure, serving 30 million addresses six days a week. 

It’s time to bring it back into public ownership and build an economy that works for the many, not the few.

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